10 Breathtaking Short Hair Accessories for Weddings

Are you searching for short hair accessories for weddings? I’ve got you! 

I understand that short hairstyles can be a bit tricky to style for glamorous events like weddings, but the right accessory can take your hairdo from basic to epic. 

This post contains ten pretty short hair accessories for weddings and discusses how to select the right one for your hair.

10 Short Hair Accessories for Weddings 

Below, you’ll find ten short hair accessories of different styles — from fancy vines to simple clips. 

In a bit, you’ll find tips on selecting the best one for your hairstyle. 

1. JAKAWIN Bridal Hair Vine for Short Hair

one of the short hair accessories for weddings
  • Pros: Sturdy, versatile.
  • Con: Hard to remove.

The first pick is a 45cm long hair vine; very easy to tie around the head and form different styles. 

It’ll go well on low messy buns or short afro updos, adding a crystal bridal touch. 

While many hair vines tend to break easily, people who bought this piece say it’s sturdy and doesn’t fall off easily. 

However, some users had issues removing the hair vine because it got stuck in their hair

2. GORAIS Bridal Hair Comb for Short Hair

  • Pros: Beautiful, right size for short hair.
  • Con: Cheap look

Another excellent fit for low messy buns, this hair comb from Gorais features pearls and stones to adorn your short hairstyle. 

It’ll look great on the sides or back of your hair. 

A past buyer said this hair accessory was “the right size” for her short hair. 

However, there were some complaints about the piece looking cheap. 

3. SweetTV Wedding Headband for Short Hair

one of the short hair accessories for weddings
  • Pros: Easy to wear, pretty.

This one’s for your little brides and flower girls — a beautiful, simple, and easy-to-wear headband. 

Simply place this on the head like a tiara, and you’ll have a breathtaking hair accessory. 

This piece will look good on short (shoulder-length) bob hairstyles. 

The ribbon attached helps it stay fit on the head. 

4. Catery Hair Comb for Short Hair

one of the short hair accessories for weddings
  • Pros: Good price, stays secure.
  • Con: Too heavy for some

A past buyer mentioned wearing this hair comb on her “very short haircut” for her wedding and that it stayed secure without falling off. 

Many other customers made similar remarks. 

The accessory comes at a reasonable price, even for minimalist brides. 

Good choice, if you ask me. 

However, there were some comments about it feeling too heavy on the hair. 

5. Yean Bridal Hair Comb for Short Hair

one of the short hair accessories for wedding
  • Pros: Versatile, good reviews.
  • Con: You may need extra pins to hold it down.

This hair comb is available in silver, rose gold, and gold, allowing you to pick a color that matches your wedding theme.

More than 550 buyers have rated this hair accessory on Amazon with an overall 4.6-star rating!

Many reviews commend its beauty.

However, some had to hold it down with bobby pins because it was too big. 

6. Pangda Wedding Hair Band for Short Hair

one of the short hair accessories for weddings
  • Pros: Versatile, easy to wear, great look.

For this pretty tiara, it doesn’t matter whether your hair is long or short. 

The product description includes images of both short and long hair. 

You’ll find it easy to wear because of the style. 

You can even open it a little if it feels too tight on your head, and it’ll loosen up. 

The pretty design and sparkles will leave you feeling like a princess throughout the wedding. 

With almost 2,000 ratings and a 4.4-star rating, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

7. SWEETV Bridal Headband for Short Hair

one of the short hair accessories for weddings
  • Pros: Adjustable, reasonable price.
  • Con: May need bobby pins to keep it secure

Another headband from Sweettv! This one features a ribbon for adjusting the fit on your hair. 

So, you won’t have issues with the band being too tight or loose; just tie it as you’d like. 

If you still have any issues with the fit, past users suggest using bobby pins to keep it secure. 

Whether you style your short hair in a low bun or let it fall freely, this piece will make a good addition. 

Also, reviews mention that it’s really okay for the price

8. Olbye Wedding Comb for Short Hair

one of the short hair accessories for weddings
  • Pros: Great for blue weddings, durable.
  • Con: Heavy, falls out easily.

Looking for short hair accessories for a blue-themed wedding? 

Here’s one — a silver hair comb with blue embellishments. 

Over 2,600 people have rated this product, giving it an impressive 4.5-star rating. 

What do past buyers say? 

It’s sturdy, durable, suitable for weddings, and excellently complements blue weddings

However, some mentioned it felt heavy and easily fell out of short hair. 

9. SUMAJU Wedding Hair Clips for Short Hair

one of the short hair accessories for weddings
  • Pros: Practical yet pretty.
  • Con: Hard to remove.

What if your hair’s really short, and you need clips to hold it down at different spots? 

Basic clips may secure your hair, but they won’t add that bridal flair to your hairstyle. 

This pack of 12 bridal clips will do both! 

Past users appreciate its beauty, ease of use, quality, and how it doesn’t slip off hair easily. 

Many have worn these clips to weddings, so it definitely fits in. 

On the downside, some people had trouble removing the clips from their hair without ripping off a few strands. 

10. Pearl Crystal Wedding Hair Pins for Short Hair

one of the short hair accessories for weddings
  • Pros: Bendable, good quantity.
  • Con: Majorly for decoration.

These simple but pretty pins work well for bridal updos or low buns. 

They’re bendable, so you can adjust them and avoid poking your scalp. 

The designs are small, so using just one may not make much difference to your hairstyle. 

It makes sense, then, that each pack contains six bridal pins. 

Arrange them on your short hair, and you can upgrade your hairstyle. 

However, these pins are mainly for decoration. They may not really hold your hair down, so get extra bobby pins for that. 

Categories of Short Hair Accessories for Weddings 

There are different types of hair accessories, as you may have noticed. Here’s a brief breakdown:

1. Hair Vines 

Hair vines are flexible pieces (made of wire) usually adorned with beads, pearls, crystals, or other decorative elements.

They look elegant and feminine and add what you could call a touch of whimsy and romance to your hair.

Hair vines come in different lengths, and short hair vines (or folded long ones) make a beautiful addition to short hair. 

2. Hair Clips

Hair clips are small accessories for holding hair in place.

They come in various designs, sizes, and materials, like plastic, metal, or fabric.

Common types include bobby pins, barrettes, and claw clips.

Hair clips are versatile, so you can wear them in different hairstyles, from simple updos to intricate braids.

They’re both practical and add decorative flair to hairstyles.

3. Hair Pins

Hair pins are small, narrow accessories for securing hair sections in place.

They’re usually metal and come in different lengths and styles, including bobby pins and hair grips.

Hair pins are versatile tools for creating updos, twists, and braids.

They hold the hair securely and still add an elegant touch to the overall look.

4. Flowery Headbands 

Flowery headbands feature artificial or real flowers.

They usually have a band that wraps around the head, with flowers attached along the top or side.

Flowery headbands add a touch of natural beauty to hairstyles, and people often wear them for weddings, festivals, or just everyday wear. 

They come in various styles, allowing you to choose whether you want a subtle and delicate look or a bold and colorful flair. 

5. Hair Combs 

In this context, it’s not the combs for detangling hair.

Instead, it’s a hair accessory with small teeth or prongs to fix it to the hair.

Hair combs may feature beads, jewels, or other designs to add style to the hair. 

Tips for Selecting the Right Short Hair Accessory for Weddings 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your short hair accessory for wedding:

  • Pick lightweight accessories: If an accessory weighs too much, it can snag and scatter a short hairstyle. Look out for light vines, combs, or simple tiaras. 
  • Pick an accessory that matches your wedding theme: If you have a color theme for your wedding, your hair accessory should match it too. For example, you can wear a silver hairpiece if your wedding theme is blue and silver. 
  • Ensure your accessory suits your hairstyle: For example, flowery hair vines look great on wavy hairstyles. A tiara would look great in a sleek, laid-back style. Fancy pins or clips complement braid styles beautifully.
  • Consider your style: The examples above are just suggestions. You definitely have a style before your wedding day, and while you might want to switch things up for the big day, it’s best not to go too far away. Stick with something you’ll be comfortable having on your head, whether a veil, hair comb, bridal pin, or hair vine.  

Accessorize Your Short Hair 

Whatever length your hairstyle is, you can always switch things up with the right hair accessory.

You’ve got ten gorgeous short hair accessories for weddings up there!

Use those few tips to pick one that appeals to you, arrange with your hair stylist, and enjoy creating a pretty hairstyle you’ll be proud of in years to come! 

Hey, hair lover, this post may contain affiliate links. So if you buy a product through a link in the post, I’ll earn some commission at no extra cost to you.

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