7 Stunning Ways to Create a Simple Messy Bun for Short Hair

Do you long for the effortless charm of a messy bun but think your hair is too short to pull it off?

It’s good you’re here; I’m sharing seven ways to create a simple messy bun for short hair.

It’s time to say goodbye to envying hair buns and hello to styling them!

Simple Messy Bun for Short Hair Step-by-Step

Short hair can be tricky to style, seeming less versatile than long hair.

But you can still try various styles with it, including the much-envied messy bun.

Below, you’ll find seven ways you can create and flaunt a bun on short hair.

Simple Messy Bun One

simple messy bun for short hair velacurls

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The beauty of this low bun lies in its effortlessness.

Simply pull back your short hair and catch it in a bun.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to catch all the hair together — that makes it a messy bun!

Finish the short bun, as seen in the picture, and you’re ready.

This style takes only a few minutes to achieve; it is perfect when you’re late for work or some casual outing. 

Simple Messy Bun Two

simple messy bun for short hair velacurls

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You’ll need two small hair scrunchies to achieve this style.

Pull your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a scrunchie.

Spread your hair ends over the scrunchie to form a donut and secure it with another scrunchie.

If you have hair sticking out, tuck it in the bun, and you’re all set.

This style creates the illusion of a low bun with long hair, similar to this 14th braid style

Simple Messy Bun Three

simple messy bun for short hair velacurls

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Do you want to wear a messy bun to a wedding?

This is for you!

You can turn this messy bun into a stunning wedding hairstyle with a simple accessory.

First, leave some front hair in the middle to achieve the style.

Pack the remaining hair to form a low bun and secure it with a small tie.

Wrap some strands over the hair tie so it becomes invisible.

Finalize things with a hair clip or vine to give a bridal touch.

Style the front hair you left out as you like. 

Simple Messy Bun Four

simple messy bun for short hair velacurls

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This simple, messy bun is creative and unique.

Wear it when you want an effortless style that’ll still make you stand out.

Create the style by pulling your hair in a low ponytail, leaving out some strands in front.

Style the tail end as if you were knotting a tie.

If you don’t get it right, do something unique with the tail.

Spice things up with a silver hairpin if you’d like. 

Simple Messy Bun Five 

simple messy bun for short hair velacurls

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If you feel your hair is too short to try any of the styles above, this is for you.

The trick is to split your hair into smaller sections and then combine the sections to form one bun.

Start by brushing your hair to the back.

Then, split the ends into four or more parts, securing each with a tie or clip.

Fold up each end section and pin them down, preferably with bobby pins. 

Simple Messy Bun Six 

simple messy bun for short hair velacurls

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Do you prefer middle buns to low buns?

You can have that too!

Split your hair into two: one section in front and the other at the back.

Make a French braid with the back section while you make a ponytail with the front section.

Combine both hair ends and make a bun over a scrunchie.

You create a nice middle bun with short hair. 

Simple Messy Bun Seven

simple messy bun for short hair velacurls

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This isn’t precisely a bun, but it’s another fun style to try with short hair.

Leave some of your hair at the back before you pull the hair into a low ponytail (secure the ponytail with a bobby pin, as seen in the picture).

Fold the back hair over the “ponytail” and secure it with a fancy hair clip. This style is simple and very convenient to wear. 

Vela Tip 

A hair donut can help you create a simple, messy bun for short hair with less effort. Simply pack up your hair, wear the donut, and cover it with your hair ends. This simple hair accessory can make your bun dream come true. 

Tricks on How to Do a High Bun With Short Hair 

Here are a few tricks that make high messy buns feasible on short hair. 

Hair Products 

Hair products make your hair easier to style and help you achieve more hairstyles.

Depending on your hair type, you should have some of these products:

  • Texture spray 
  • Hair gel 
  • Hair oil
  • Extra hold hair spray

It would also help to have hair accessories like hair clips, bows, pins, scrunchies, or donuts. 

Half Updo 

What if your hair is too short to pack together?

That’s where half-updos come in!

Split your hair into two, having a front and back section.

Make a bun with the front section while you let the back fall freely.

Anyone looking at you from the front will see a bun. 

Double Buns

Making double buns is another trick.

It means you split your hair into two, but you have a left and right section this time.

With less hair to pack, you’ll be able to achieve a bun.

You don’t have to make it sleek; a simple, messy bun is unique. 

Short Hair? No problem! 

Creating a simple, messy bun for short hair is very possible.

You’ve got seven style ideas above!

Try out one of them or even create something unique as you try to achieve the styles.

Who says short hair is boring? Not here at Velacurls! 

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