Should You Use A Straightener Brush? 4 Hair Straightener Brush Disadvantages (And Pros)

There’s a wide variety of hair styling tools, all designed to make hair care easier and faster.

The hair straightener brush is a recent addition to hair tools, a fascinating product that seems to solve it all.

But there are a few hair straightener brush disadvantages, and it’d be wise to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to use one.  

I’ve found it all out for you in this post; the good and the bad of using a hair straightener brush.

Keep reading to find out if a straightener brush is really worth your shot.

Is the term “straightener brush” a bit strange to you?

Then let’s start by getting you familiar with this hair tool!  

What is a hair straightener brush?

A hair straightener brush (or simply “straightener brush”) is a heat styling tool designed to straighten your hair while brushing and detangling it.

You’re probably familiar with the usual hair straightener or flat iron.

To use a flat iron, you’d usually comb a hair section first, then place the flat iron on it to straighten it.

A hair straightener brush helps you do both with one tool, brush your hair and straighten it.

There is no need to keep a hair comb handy, no need to drop the comb and pick up the flat iron at intervals, just one tool doing both jobs for you.

There are two common types of hair straightener brushes.

One type has a round head with bristles all around while the other has bristles on only one side and looks exactly like the typical brush.

hair straightener brush disadvantages velacurls

How do you use a hair straightener brush?

To use a hair straightener brush, you need to start like you’re using any other straightening tool.

  • First, you should part your hair into smaller sections, depending on your hair thickness.
  • Then, turn on the hair straightener brush (it should be pretty obvious how to do this or you can check the manual that comes with it)
  • Set it to your desired temperature; it is best to start with a low-temperature setting and increase it later if there’s a need
  • Place the straightener brush close to the roots of your first hair section and brush it through to the ends
  • You may have to brush the same section twice or more to straighten it to taste.

Basically, you use a hair straightener brush by parting your hair into smaller sections and brushing each section until it straightens.

If you’re using a round straightener brush with bristles all around, you’ll have to wrap your hair around the brush at the roots and then pull it through.

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Hair Straightener Brush Advantages

hair straightener brush disadvantages velacurls

On the good side of the scale, here are reasons why you may want to use a hair straightener brush:

1. Faster styling

A hair straightener brush works pretty fast.

It can straighten your hair after only two or three brushes, especially if you have a looser curl pattern.

It also makes your work faster because you do not have to brush your hair first before straightening it, instead, the brushing itself straightens your hair.

So it helps you save time, and it’s something you can quickly use to get straight hair on a late morning.

2. Safer for hair

Granted, a straightener brush is a heat styling tool, and all heat tools can damage the hair.

But a hair straightener brush has lower chances of damaging your hair with heat.

Unlike a flat or curling iron that places your hair directly on a hot (sometimes metal) plate, your hair does not come in contact with any hot plates here.

Also, there are spaces between the brush bristles, and that allows even distribution of heat throughout your hair.

Your fingers are also safer with a straightener brush because you’re less likely to touch the hot part of the tool, unlike a flat iron where the hot plates can easily burn you.  

3. Retains your hair volume

A straightener brush does not totally straighten the hair.

This is a great advantage for you if you have fine, thin hair. Even after straightening your hair, it will not look flat and lifeless like a flat iron will make it look.

You still get to keep your hair’s volume and retain a bouncy look.

4. Reduces Frizz

If your hair struggles to stay smooth and you want to lay down those flyaways, a straightener brush is a great tool for a quick fix.

By quickly brushing your hair with a straightener brush, your hair becomes smooth and the volume stays intact.

If you want the best results, apply hair oil to your hair before running the brush through it.

hair straightener brush disadvantages velacurls

Hair Straightener Brush Disadvantages

Sadly, a hair straightener brush does not come without disadvantages.

If you’ll be using one, you should know what you’re getting into.

Here’s the dark side of a hair straightener brush:

1. High Risk of Split Ends

A straightener brush puts your hair ends at risk of getting damaged.

When you pull the brush through your hair, it snags the hair ends which are the weakest part of your hair.

That leads to frequent split ends and the only way out is to trim it off.

If you do not want to lose more than the usual strands to regular trims, using a hair straightener brush regularly is not a good idea.

2.  Limited use

A hair straightener brush has limited uses compared to a flat iron or hair straightener.

A flat iron can be used to create waves or curls by wrapping a hair section around the hot plate and removing it slowly.

But you cannot use a straightener brush that way.

It can only straighten your hair, not curl it or even create waves.

If you want a hair tool that you can use for both purposes, a straightener brush would be a rather disappointing choice.

3. Risk of tangles

Your hair is at risk of getting tangled when you use a straightener brush, especially if you are new to it and you are using a straightener brush with a rotating barrel.

That type has bristles all around so it’s difficult to master its use and easy for your hair to get stuck and go awry.

If you lose a handful of hair to combs and brushes already, using a hair straightener brush would be even worse because your hair is at risk of getting tangled and coming off easily.

4. Limited effectiveness

A hair straightener brush cannot create curls or waves but that may be fine, it is not its job anyways.

But there’s also a limit to its use as a straightener.

Users have noticed that it does not make the hair totally straight, especially if you have tight curl patterns.

A flat iron would do a better job at flattening your curls to create a straight look compared to a straightener brush.

This is because the maximum temperature setting of straightener brushes is low compared to that of flat irons.  Because it is less hot, a straightener brush is less effective at straightening the hair.

FAQs about Hair Straightener Brushes

You’ve seen both the good and the bad of hair straightener brushes but there are a few more things you should know.

Here are answers to questions frequently asked by hair lovers.

Is it good to use a brush straightener?

A brush straightener is a nice tool for straightening your hair with less stress.

It is fast and relatively safe to use.

If you take necessary precautions like applying a heat protectant (for example, coconut oil) to your hair and using the brush less frequently, then it is good to use a brush straightener.

You should also consider the hair straightener brush disadvantages before making your final decision.

Is it safe to use a hair straightener brush daily?

A hair straightener brush is a heat styling tool, so it is not good to use it daily.

While it is true that a brush straightener exposes your hair to less heat, it still applies a level of heat to your hair and that can be dangerous when you use it daily.

To keep your use of your hair straightener brush safe for your hair, you should use it at most once a week.

And again, apply a heat protectant to your hair before use.

Is it good to use brush straightener on wet hair?

No, this is not safe.

Your hair is usually weak when wet so applying heat and attempting to straighten it in that state will only damage your tresses.

It can cause heat damage over time and you may even lose a lot of hair instantly when you pull the brush through your wet hair.

To avoid this, always ensure that your hair is dry before using a brush straightener.

Which one is better hair straightener or brush?

Both tools have their pros and cons.

If you want a styling tool that’ll make your hair very straight and that you can use for straightening and curling, a hair straightener (or flat iron) is better.

But if you want something that is safer for your hair in terms of heat damage and can be used easily, then a straightener brush is best for you.

Is a straightening brush less damaging than a flat iron?

Yes, because it uses less heat, a straightening brush is less damaging than a flat iron.

A straightening brush also does not press heat on your hair by placing your hair between two hot plates.

However, there’s the risk of your hair tangling between the brush’s bristles, causing mechanical damage.

It’s Up To You

When it comes to using a hair straightener brush, there’s a dark and bright side.

It’s up to you to decide which side outshines the other.

If you love faster styling, less heat damage, and only a bit of straightening, then a straightener brush is great for you.

On the other hand, if you want totally straight hair and something to help with both straightening and curling, you may want to opt for some other hair tool.

Straightener brushes are great for faster and safer hair straightening, but only if you can manage the cons.

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