Straight Hair Texture: Identifying and Caring for Type 1 Hair

The straight hair texture is called Type 1 hair on Andre Walker’s hair type classification.

It’s the first hair type on this chart, and firsts are usually fascinating.

Do you want to learn all about the straight hair texture?

This post explores all the details – types, pros, cons, and tips for caring for type 1 hair! 

What is Straight Hair Texture?

The straight hair texture (or type 1 hair) refers to hair that is smooth, fine, and flat, with no curl definition at all.

This hair type is common among Asians. 

It is different from wavy hair.

Interestingly, type 1 hair can come in slightly different types.

Types of Straight Hair Textures 

Type 1 hair can come in these three types. 

Type 1a Hair 

Straight hair texture velacurls

Type 1a hair is the straightest of all hair types.

It is fine and does not have any noticeable texture or volume.

It’s usually sleek and shiny, with strands that are straight from the scalp to the ends.

Type 1a is the thinnest and most delicate of all hair types. 

Type 1B Hair 

type 1b straight hair texture
Straight hair texture velacurls

Type 1b hair has slightly more body and volume than Type 1a hair.

It is still straight, but it may have some bends or waves, especially towards the ends. 

Type 1C Hair 

type 1c straight hair texture
Straight hair texture velacurls

Type 1c hair has the most texture and volume among Type 1 hair types.

It’s still generally straight, but it has slight waves or bends throughout its length.

Compared to 1a and 1b, 1c hair is easier to style and create curls with.

It’s the most coarse type 1 hair and tends to get frizzy easily. 

Pros of Straight (or Type 1) Hair Texture 

Here’s the good part of having a straight hair texture. 

Easy to Manage 

Type 1 hair has straight and smooth strands, so it’s effortlessly sleek and shiny.

You don’t need much to make it look polished.

It’s very easy to comb through, and unlike curly hair types, you don’t need to worry about tangles and knots all the time. 

Quite Versatile

Type 1 hair may not be as versatile as other hair types, but it has its styles too. 

Sleek ponytails? Easy-peasy.

Simply wearing your hair down? It takes zero effort to achieve.

Experiment with different partings? That works, too.

Less Prone to Tangling 

Since the strands are straight, Type 1 hair will rarely tangle.

This can save a whole lot of time and frustration, especially during busy mornings or rushed styling sessions. 

Resistant to Shrinkage 

No curls mean little to no shrinkage, even when the hair is wet.

The straight hair texture is also weather resistant; unlike curly hair types, it won’t get frizzy during humid weather. 

Beauty and Elegance 

There’s this timeless elegance and beauty associated with straight hair.

Some people with other hair types even apply relaxers or use heat tools just to achieve the type 1 hair look.

Straight hair is truly beautiful. 

Cons of Type 1 or Straight Hair Texture 

On the flip side, here are the downsides to having straight hair. 

Thin and Delicate 

Type 1 hair is usually thin and delicate, so it can break easily. It cannot withstand lots of manipulation like other hair types. 

Difficult to Style 

Unless you’re pulling type 1 hair in a ponytail or some other style that align with its straightness, it’s going to be a hassle.

It’s difficult to create intricate updos or styles that require texture or grip on this hair type because there’s no natural curls or waves to hold styles or create volume.

Hair pins and accessories tend to fall off easily too.  

You’ll need styling products and expertise to create styles and add volume to type 1 hair.

Also, styles like cornrows and braids may feel too tight on the hair texture and won’t last long. 

Appears Flat 

It’s hard to describe straight hair texture without mentioning “flat.”

Unlike curly or wavy hair which naturally has more dimension, straight hair tends to look limp and without volume. 

Easy to Weigh Down 

Hair products easily weigh down type 1 hair, making it appear even more limp.

It requires extra care when choosing hair products; picking lightweight products only.


In type 1 hair, natural oil (sebum) travels very easily from the scalp to the hair ends because the strands are straight.

So straight hair is usually greasy and oily, and you’ll need to wash it more often to keep it fresh.

Prone to Heat Damage

It’s tempting to always use curling irons and other heat tools to add volume and style to the straight hair texture.

However, the hair strands are not very strong, so they get damaged easily by heat tools, causing split ends and breakage.

How to Care for Type 1 or Straight Hair Texture 

Now that you know the good and the bad of type 1 hair, let’s talk about how you can get the best out of this hair type!

Choose the Right Hair Products

Lightweight hair products are best for straight hair textures.

Whether you’re choosing a conditioner, hair oil, or styling product, make sure it’s lightweight.

Avoid heavy, oil-based products that’ll make your hair greasier.

Volumizing shampoos and conditioners are your hair’s best friend.

Also, look out for products specially designed for straight hair texture. 

Use a Wide-Tooth Comb 

Type 1 hair is delicate, so you don’t want to use tools that’ll snag it.

Invest in a high-quality boar bristle brush or a paddle brush with soft bristles.

If you need to use a comb, choose a wide-tooth comb that’ll go through the hair seamlessly.

Brush your hair gently to distribute natural oils and promote shine.

Minimize Heat Styling 

Straight hair is prone to heat damage because of the fineness of the hair strands.

So use heat tools sparingly.

And when you do use heat tools, set them to a low heat setting and apply a heat protectant to your hair beforehand. 

Protect from Environmental Damage

Protect your hair from sun exposure and pollution by wearing a hat or using a protective hair serum with UV filters.

This will prevent damage and keep your hair vibrant. 

Handle Gently

Try not to pull or tug your hair as much as possible, especially when it’s wet.

Be gentle when styling and avoid tight hairstyles that stress the hair shaft. Be careful with heavy hair accessories, too. 

Wash Properly 

Here are a few things to keep in mind about washing type 1 hair:

  • Shampoo your hair often to remove greasiness. Don’t dry out your hair, though. 
  • Put more effort towards washing your scalp, not the hair strands. 
  • Wash with lukewarm water instead of cold water (works better at removing extra oil). Remember, lukewarm, not hot water. 
  • Wash the hair gently. 
  • Rinse out shampoo thoroughly; don’t leave remnants in the hair. 

Detangle Gently

As a general rule, start at the tips when detangling hair.

This applies to all hair types. 

Eat a Balanced Diet

For all hair types, you need good food.

Healthy hair starts from within, so eat meals rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein to make your straight hair as strong as it can be. 

Best Hair Products for Straight Hair Texture 

These hair products are the best for styling and caring for your straight hair. 

Crazy Bull Texturizing Powder

Texturizing powder for straight hair texture

Texturizing powders add body thickness to straight hair, and many reviews say this one from Crazy Bull gets the job well done! 

The great smell is a catch for many users, plus, it’s easy to wash out and doesn’t leave the hair feeling greasy.  

UNITE Texturizing Spray

a texturizing spray for straight hair texture

Texturizing sprays are easier to use. I mean, you just spray them. 

This particular spray is renowned for holding curls well without weighing the hair down. 

While it works effectively, some users didn’t like the smell, so beware. 

Biolage Volumizing Shampoo

a volumizing shampoo for straight hair texture

This is a top-rated volumizing shampoo on Amazon, with a 4.6-star from over 12,000 ratings! 

Users with thin, fine hair have found it helpful, so it sounds great for straight hair textures. 

People say it lathers easily, leaves the hair clean, adds volume without drying out hair. 

Biolage Lightweight Conditioner

a lightweight conditioner for straight hair texture

This hair conditioner comes from the same brand as the volumizing shampoo above. 

Reviews show it’s good for fine, oily hair (think, type 1 hair). 

Some past users say it added volume to their hair while some say it didn’t, so be ready for either outcome. 

This product is quite pricey, but customers say it’s worth the price. 

OUAI Volumizing Conditioner

A volumizing conditioner for straight hair texture

This volumizing conditioner by the popular OUAI is specially made for fine hair. 

It’s said to contain keratin, biotin, and chia seed oil. 

My favorite part of the product is that you only need to use little at once, so it lasts long. 

It also softens hair without leaving it oily. 

However, people have mixed opinions about the smell.

Frequently Asked Questions about Straight Hair Texture (Type 1 Hair)

Here are answers to some common questions about straight hair texture. 

How to get texture in straight hair?

Straight hair generally lacks texture, but you can use hair products and techniques to give it some body.

Texturising foams and sprays could do the trick.

You may also use curling irons to give it some waves. 

How to identify straight hair?

Straight hair is flat and smooth, without curls or waves.

It’s also called type 1 hair. 

What are the four types of hair? 

The four major types of hair are:

  • Type 1 — Straight hair
  • Type 2 — Wavy hair 
  • Type 3 — Curly hair 
  • Type 4 — Afro or kinky hair 

Pretty, Straight Strands 

When it comes to hair care tips, there isn’t much talk about the straight hair texture like curly and wavy hair types.

But this hair type is a unique one too. It’s beautiful, easy to manage, and free from tangling issues.

It has its drawbacks, but which hair type doesn’t?

By understanding and embracing the unique characteristics of Type 1 hair, you can find ways to work with your hair’s natural texture and create styles that showcase its beauty.

Hey, hair lover, this post may contain affiliate links. So if you buy a product through a link in the post, I’ll earn some commission at no extra cost to you.

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