6 Effective Tips for Scalp Massage to Regrow Hair

Have you ever gotten a scalp massage? Many who have can testify to the relaxing effects of a scalp massage.

I can too!

But beyond the soothing effects that a scalp massage provides, there are other wonders that this simple process holds for your hair.

You may be able to use scalp massage to regrow hair.

That’s right.

But don’t just take my word for it.

This article will show you what research has proved about scalp massage for hair and share tips to help you improve your scalp massage.

Are you ready? Then, let’s go!

What is a scalp massage?

A scalp massage is a process of rubbing or kneading the scalp to provide relaxing effects.

Massages can be done on different parts of the body.

You can get a scalp massage to relieve backache or a general body massage.

A scalp massage focuses on the scalp, rubbing it gently and slowly in a defined motion.

A scalp massage could take less than five minutes or as long as one hour.

Whichever way, the soothing effects of a scalp massage are outstanding.

Apart from soothing effects, here are other benefits of a scalp massage:

  • It improves your mood. Getting a scalp massage can calm your nerves and make you feel better
  • It removes buildup on the scalp. When you use a scalp massage tool, it scrapes off dust and product build-up as it massages your scalp. It also helps to reduce flakes.
  • Regular scalp massage increases hair thickness.
  • And the real deal is, scalp massage can help with hair regrowth.

Scalp Massage to Regrow Hair: Is it really possible?

Can a scalp massage help you regrow lost hair?

You can decide by considering what happened in research work in 2019.

In this study, about 327 people who had alopecia (severe hair loss) had about 15 minutes of scalp massage every day.

They did the scalp massage with their hands, with no special device.

Out of these people, about 225 persons reported that they experienced hair regrowth in areas where they had experienced hair loss.

That was an impressive result!

True, more research still needs to be done by experts to confirm the effect of scalp massage on hair loss regrowth.

But the results of this study show that scalp massage has a high potential to cause hair regrowth, even for those who suffer from alopecia.

Since there are no side effects to getting a scalp massage, I’d say it’s worth giving a shot!

How does a scalp massage solve hair loss?

Most people who experience serious hair loss are suffering from a condition called ‘Androgenetic Alopecia.’

It is a condition where hair starts to fall out because your hair follicles are shrinking. You see, hair grows out of the follicles.

When hair follicles shrink and become too small, hair starts to fall out and stops growing.

Now, your hair follicles will not just start shrinking without any reason.

In most cases, it happens because there’s no proper blood flow within the scalp.

And that’s where a scalp massage comes in!

A scalp massage promotes blood flow within the scalp.

This helps healthy hair follicles to remain healthy and restore shrinking or shrunk hair follicles back to life.

With increased blood circulation within the scalp, unhealthy follicles are improved, like when a withering plant is watered.  

By promoting blood flow and improving follicles’ health, a regular scalp massage helps to solve hair loss.

Scalp Massage for Hair Thickness

While further research is still needed to confirm the ability of scalp massage to regrow hair, its effect on hair thickness is confirmed.

In this research, nine men were given scalp massages four minutes each day for six months. A scalp massaging device was used to massage their scalp.

After six months, their new hair thickness was evaluated and compared to the previous thickness.

It was confirmed that they all had an increase in hair thickness.

Also, the number of genes that could cause hair loss reduced while genes that contribute to healthy hair increased.

This shows that regular scalp massage is an effective way to increase your hair’s thickness and make it healthier.

How to do a Scalp Massage

Getting a scalp massage is easy.

You can do one yourself or get a friend or family member to give you a scalp massage.

You may also visit a licensed massage therapist to get one done.

If you have not had one before, here’s how you can go about it on your own:

  • If you have full, long hair, divide your hair into at least four sections.
  • Use one hand to loosely pack one section together
  • Insert the fingers of your other hand into the hair roots of that hair section such that you can feel your scalp
  • Now, firmly but gently rub your scalp in that section in a defined circular motion
  • Ensure to use your fingertips, not your fingernails.
  • Ensure that you rub every area in that hair section, then move on to the next section.
  • Once you’ve touched all areas in all hair sections, you have successfully given yourself a scalp massage.

Alternatively, you could use a scalp massager.

A scalp massager is a small device that looks like a brush used for rubbing the scalp to remove dead cells and promote blood flow.

Some are electric but you’ll also find some manual or battery-powered scalp massagers.

Even while you’re on braids, you can do a scalp massage using your fingertips, as long as your hands can reach your scalp.

Effective Tips for Scalp Massage to Regrow Hair

Getting a scalp massage is that easy, but you can practice these tips to improve the quality of your scalp massage and its chances of helping with hair regrowth:

1.     Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant oils.

They have popular use in aromatherapy, the practice of using fragrances to improve one’s health and mood.

Essential oils like lavender oil, tea tree oil, and rosemary oil are effective for improving the hair’s health.

Since they improve mood and hair health, essential oils are a worthy addition to your scalp massage.

  • Mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with carrier oils like coconut oil or olive oil and warm the mixture.
  • Apply the oil mix to your scalp and massage thoroughly as described earlier.

2.     Massage during Hair Wash

If you find it hard to allocate a separate time for a scalp massage, one helpful tip is to incorporate a scalp massage into your hair wash.

After applying shampoo to your hair, take about five minutes to massage your scalp before rinsing it off.

Do the same after applying conditioner to your hair.

  • Massage your scalp after applying shampoo and conditioner
  • Rinse off with clean water after massaging

3.     Use a Scalp Massager

Using your fingertips to massage your hair is not less effective, but using a scalp massager makes it easier.

Some scalp massagers are also designed to remove dead scalp cells and reduce hair flakes so you’ll be getting double benefits.

  • Check out this list of best scalp massagers and get one for your hair.
  • Follow the idea of the fingertips massage to using a scalp massager. Rub the massager tips on your scalp gently, in a defined (preferably, circular) motion.

4.     Use your fingertips

You need your fingertips for a scalp massage, not your fingernails. Using your nails will only result in you hurting your scalp.

If having long nails will prevent you from using your fingertips only, it is best to ask someone for help or keep your nails short for a scalp massage.

  • Always keep in mind that your fingernails will hurt your scalp, while your fingertips will massage your scalp.

5.     Be Consistent

Like every other hair care habit, you need to be consistent with a scalp massage if you want to see good results.

If you do a scalp massage only once in a while, you’ll enjoy the relaxing effects but not increased hair growth or thickness.

You need to do a scalp massage often and regularly for best results.

  • Massage your scalp at least twice every day.

6.     Be Balanced

Massaging is a skill that takes time to master.

If you’re new to it, try not to apply too much pressure on your scalp when massaging it.

At the same time, you should not be too lenient that it feels like you’re barely touching your scalp.

Apply pressure, but not too much. It may help to close your eyes as you massage so that you can focus on a pressure level that helps you relax without hurting your scalp.

  • If you notice that you are pulling out hair strands while massaging, you are probably applying too much pressure.
  • If it feels like you’re barely touching your scalp even after minutes of massaging, you are probably not applying enough pressure

With these tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of a scalp massage. It’s natural to have a few questions about scalp massage, you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions down here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scalp Massage to Regrow Hair

How often should you massage your scalp?

If you need a scalp massage to regrow hair, you should massage your scalp at least twice every day.

This will promote blood flow to your hair follicles regularly and encourage hair growth.

If you’re just getting a scalp massage for the soothing effects, you can massage your scalp whenever you feel you need a scalp massage.

There is no overdose or underdose for the usual scalp massage.

Can massaging bald spots regrow hair?

Research suggests that getting a scalp massage regularly can help improve alopecia or baldness.

The idea is that scalp massages stimulate the hair follicles to encourage hair growth.

How long should I massage my scalp for hair growth?

Ensure that each scalp massage lasts for at least five minutes.

This gives it enough time to promote blood flow within your scalp.

How long does it take for a scalp massage to regrow hair?

In the scalp massage research work, visible results were noticed after six months.

It would be realistic to expect hair regrowth results from scalp massage after at least six months.

Is it good to massage your scalp every day?

Sure, getting a scalp massage every day is a good hair habit.

However, hair oils can clog the scalp pores when used every day.

So if you’ll be getting an everyday scalp massage, do not always use hair oils.

Can rubbing the scalp cause hair loss?

Combined with other factors, applying too much pressure on your scalp can cause hair loss.

But getting a proper and balanced scalp massage will not make you lose your hair.

Do scalp massages make hair thicker?

Yes, scalp massage has been proven by research to improve hair thickness

Relax While Your Hair Grows

Scalp massages provide relaxing effects, but that’s not all they do.

They make your hair thicker and could even solve hair loss.

If you need an easy way to relax while your hair improves, getting regular scalp massages is the way to go!

Remember to stay consistent and be balanced in the amount of pressure you apply. Then you can be sure to enjoy the rich benefits of scalp massage for hair.

Oh, when that happens, don’t forget to come back to drop a comment!

Do you have nice experiences with scalp massages already?

I’d love to see you share them in the comment section below!

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